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How We Met
As most of you know, Carrie and Neal met while working together on a project that seemed to last forever. Both of us were occupied at the time and so formed a strong friendship during the course of several months.
Over time we came to realize that we were perfect for each other and that we really should be together and so we began dating. The rest, as they say, is history. We are about to embark on the journey of our lifetimes and invite all of you to celebrate with us the wonders of love and marriage.

Our Engagement Story
Neal had this great plan. He had some contacts at Bill Graham Presents that he hoped would be able to get him back stage at the Jimmy Buffett concert scheduled for September 26th, 2002. However, the plan fell through and he was stuck trying to figure a better way.

Neal got the ring on September 24th. He had planned on waiting, but he got so excited that he was unable to contain himself, so he decided to do it that night.

Carrie and Neal (and all of their work friends) frequent a local hotel restaurant and bar call The Faz. It's pretty much the only place in town that offers free happy hour so we tend to go there a great deal (a couple of times a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays). So Neal could count on Carrie asking if he wanted to go to happy hour that night.

Well, it worked. Gambling on Carrie's habits, Neal pre-ordered flowers, Champagne, special appetizers and a reserved table outside. After seating themselves, Neal quickly excused himself and went inside to get the flowers and champagne. He got back outside and went down on one knee and asked. Neither Carrie nor Neal can remember exactly what was said (excitement!!). After some prompting from the other diners ("Say Yes, Already!!), Carrie agreed and the rest was history.

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